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Are you planning a Destination Wedding and you're unsure what it takes to book your favourite team? Look no further! Here are the FAQ,'s for booking is for your destination wedding! 

Why is booking Niky's Beauty Valuable when booking a Destination Wedding?

Trust, you know our quality of work and can trust that we will always deliver!

Language Barrier! If you're an English speaker it can be important to have no miscommunications on such an important day!

Product Knowledge! We will always know the best way to apply your makeup will all different weather types! the humidity is your biggest enemy

How to book our team for your  Destination wedding

 Are you traveling to Alberta Canada?

Traveling to Kananaskis Area, Banff & Canmore from outside Canada

Travel accommodations will only be requested if there is an early time line, any bookings after 8am does not require accommodations for our team. There are travel fees included but they will be attached to your contract. 

If Will accept US currency if you prefer cash, It will be on par with our Canadian Pricing.


First thing is first:
Inquire though our form to initially reach out about availability  please be as detailed as you can in the notes section!  Chick HERE to inquire! 

Requesting we travel to a destination? 

Further notice is best!

 It can take up to a year to plan your destination wedding, please reach out as soon as possible so that we can make sure we have the availability for you! 

Are we paying for your vacation?
No way! We are here for you and you only! We request that we arrive to your destination at least 2-3 days prior to your event for a few reasons!

1. Any delay or luggage mishaps can be sorted out sooner than later! Or any legal documentation we need to fill out at the airport 

2. To check our hair and makeup via a complimentary "trial" for weather and humidity purposes we need to make sure your going to look flawless for as long as possible! 

3. To check out the venue for the best place to set up and unpack all out our tools. 

How do we book for your team to travel outside Canada?

Travel Outside of Calgary Alberta requires accommodations. This is done through your travel agent if you're using one. If not we will discuss this further.

Our venue have a vendor included, How do I avoid booking them? 

Please talk to your venue or your planner before bookings, some venues have a dedicated vendor they request you use if you mention your booking your wedding.  To avoid this we recommend discussing this with us prior to booking! 

We do require travel and stay accommodations. If you have a group rate with your guests, this is the best place to book our accommodations.

We will do our very best to check on the most affordable accommodations. 

How do we make Payments of services?
Payments will be made in 2 seprate traditions. First Is your non-refundable deposit, and the second in 2 weeks before we depart for your event. This will be made though Square, E-transfer (If you're Canadian) or though PayPal If you're international.


We Accept Debit, Credit and Cash. (Cash will be USD overseas on par with the Canadian Dollar) 


Where will Niky's Beauty Travel to?
All Locations are available for travel - Please keep this in mind

Canada : Arrive 1 Day before Event

Untied States: Arrive 1-2 Days before Event

Mexico: Arrive 1-2 Days before Event

Europe: Arrive 3 Days before Event

Australia: Arrive 3 Days before Event

Anything not listed, please discus. 


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