Hello Beautiful, Congrats!


Niky's Beauty offers wedding hair and makeup services on location, in your your own home or hotel space. Booking a professional makeup artist is the best way to ensure the most flawless results. Especially when it comes to long lasting makeup and hair that always looks incredible in person and on camera! For the best memories of your special day.


We wish you all the best.



Bridal Makeup: 

A Soft Glam Makeup Look that is perfect for photos. Enough glam to bring out your natural beauty.

All features are enhanced and perfected in high detail. Includes complimentary false lashes, skin preparation facial, body glow and one bridal touch up kit. Trial for This is: $130

Bridal Hair:

Beautifully Placed Up-Do's and soft swept curls customized to each individuals style. Set to last  your entire wedding. Trial for This is: $130

Traditional Indian-Pakistani Bridal Makeup:

Allows makeup to pop against the colours of the Bride's Saree. A full Glam look including long lasting, foundation&  eye makeup. All features are perfected in high detail. Includes complimentary lashes, skin prep facial, body glow and one touch up kit.

Bridal Packages are available when booking multiple dates together Trial for This is: $170


At this time we do not offer traditional hair styling. We hope to change this in the near future.

Bridesmaids and Guests:

Soft Glam Makeup or Full Glam. Includes complimentary false lashes.

Touch up kits are available for add ons.  Trial for This is: $110

Mother Of: 

Soft Natural Makeup that will enhance natural features. Includes individual lash application. Light makeup that will glow on camera and never feel heavy.

Touch up Kits are available for add ons. Trial for This is: $100

Groom Makeup: 
Very light barley noticeable makeup, This is great for camouflaging blemishes, redness and combating oily skin types. Brow Grooming. Groom Touch up kit includes blotting papers for oil.

Junior Bridesmaids Under 13:

Under 8 is Complimentary, Includes a light eye makeup application and a lip stick or gloss of their choice

Hair Styling: 

-Long Hair Styling $110+ 

All thicker, longer hair styling.

-Short Hair $85

Any length less than shoulder length. 

-Extensions installation:  $40+ 

In some circumstances there will be a request from our hair stylist that in order to achieve a desired length or volume to a hair style. We do not provide the hair, however we will give recommendations to places where you may purchase your own.


Added Fees:

- Additional Assistant Fee

there may be an added fee when assistance are needed with groups that have less than 5 services

-Before 7am from when artist or stylist  leaves to travel to location. 


  • 3 am or earlier - requires accommodations 

  • 4 am or earlier - requires accommodations

  • 5 am - $150

  • 6 am - $100

  • Payment non applicable when hotel accommodations are made for Artists or Stylists.

Travel Rates:

Each Additional KM after 30km-  $0.50/km

Lake Louise- $160.00   

Canmore- $100.00

Banff - $120.00 

8 Hour Day- $50.00+

What comes with booking?

- A skin care recommendations list

- Planning 101 guide for your wedding day

- Itinerary including arrival, start and end times

- Complimentary lashes for you & your party

-Complimentary Bridal Touch Up Kit

-  On location Servies