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About Niky's Beauty

Welcome to Niky's Beauty! We are a team of passionate professionals dedicated to providing exceptional hair and makeup services. With years of experience, we specialize in creating stunning looks for any occasion. Whether you're attending a wedding, prom, or simply want to enhance your natural beauty, we've got you covered. Our goal is to make you feel confident and beautiful, so you can shine both inside and out. Explore our services and let us help you look and feel your best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Minimum Service Requirements:

During peek Bridal Season, Saturdays of June to September 

Hair and Makeup: 4 Person Minimum 

If you have; for example 7 people in your party and only 3 want Hair and 7 want makeup- we would still book your services, the hairstylist may arrive at a different time to accommodate our scheduling!

If you do not meet the requirements of above, and you're looking to book services on a Saturday during peek busy months, please still fill in a request! we will do our best to accommodate! we have a large team and are happy to work something out. We would be able to service you before or after our larger groups!  


Retainers to Confirm Your Request:

To secure your booking, a signed contract and a 25% retainer is required. We once we have the contract, we will send you an  a square invoice with an option to pay through our invoicing platform, or e-transfer.

How Does the timeline work?

The time line given is a loose representation of when or how long each service will begin and end. However this does not mean your party should arrive at that time. We work efficiently so some times we may finish faster than the time listed. To avoid delays, Please have your entire party present ready at the start day. We might also have appointment after you, so any delay will result in fees or cancelling of appointments.

Do - Have everyone clean and ready!

Don't-Have everyone arrive but they will need to leave for a shower before their appointment.


How can I be prepared for Niky's Beauty?

Freshly washed and Blowdried hair the night before we arrive. IF failed to do so there will be an fee of $40+ to your appointment. We need to know ahead of time if we need to plan for extra time and tools if someone comes with wet / dirty hair. If you wish to have your hair blowdried please give us notice ahead of time!

Have your party come with inspiration photos for both makeup and hair. We are visually creative people! this will ensure no miss-communication during the appointment and will allow for the smoothest workflow! Yes, This includes you moms!

Please make sure there is a CLEAN and Well Lit area with outlets! Any delay with us having to clear space when we arrive can eat into the appointment times!



We like to give a 30-45 minute grace period to allow for any unforeseen hiccups! On the day of services or wedding day we arrive 10-15 minutes prior to set up. We requires  a clean well-lit area for our set up!


 Please let us know in advance if there is a bar height chair in your room before our arrival- Either contact front desk to bring one or we will provide our own!


Do I need to add and Assistant?

There may be times where we need an assistant to complete a booking in time you request. For example if a group of 9 wants to be ready in 4 hours, we will hire on contractors to assist to best manage the time schedule. This may come with an addition fee

We do offer group bookings, however for groups with 8+ services and ready times before 1PM, we may need to hire an additional artist/ stylists to maximize time. We do have a group of professionals that often work along side Niky's Beauty outside of our freelancer team.


Will I be booked with Niky Specifically?

Wedding groups under 4 may be booked with our team and not specifically Niky. However, in some cases you are able to request Niky! We will try our best to accommodate you!


How much time does each service require?

Our Niky's Beauty Team has perfected the 45 min time frame per service. However; When Submitting an inquiry to best help us navigate the inner workings of managing your time schedule- please be as deatiled as possible when it comes to:

How many services do you need in total?

How many in your party have long/thick hair?

How many in your party with long thick hair request an Up-Do or would prefer their hair to be down?


Timing Per Service:

"Natural" Makeup - 45 min

"Full Glam" Makeup - 1.5 Hours

Jr Bridesmaids Makeup - 15-20min

Long Hair - Down Styling 45-1 Hour

Short Hair 30-45 min

Up Do's - 30-45 min

Jr Bridesmaids Long Hair 35 min

Jr Bridesmaid Short Hair 30 min

Where will our service take place/ Where is Niky's Beauty Located?

We are a MOBILE company, meaning we travel where you are!

However; Our team can accommodate your service at either Niky's Home Studio or at one of our freelancers home studio if you prefer!

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