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Retainers to Confirm Your Request: To secure your booking, a signed contract and a 25% retainer is required.  We once we have the contract, we will send you an invoice preview + information packet. Then a square invoice with an option to pay through square, or e-transfer.

Timing & Arrival:

- Bride - 1 hour and 15 minutes, all other services are 45 minutes. 

We like to give a 30-45 minute grace period to allow for any unforeseen hiccups!  On day of services or  wedding day we will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to set up.  We appreciate a clean well-lit area for us to set up in. Please let us know in advance if there is a bar height chair in your room before our arrival. 


Travel Fee’s: There are no fees attached to travel inside Calgary city limits, there may be an early morning fee if applicable

Outside City Limits - $0.50/km

Lake Louise- $200.00   

Canmore- $160.00

Banff - $170.00 

8 Hour Day- $50.00+ This is for all day bookings

Early Morning Fees: Please inquire about possible services charges when booking before 7am. For Example: 6 am - $100, 5 am - $150

Assistance: There may be times where we need a few extra hands to complete a booking in time, for example if a group of 9 wants to be ready in 4 hours, we will hire on contractors to assist. This may come with an addition fee. We do offer group bookings, however for groups with 8+ services and ready times before 1PM, we may need to hire an additional artist to maximize time.  We do have a small group that work with Niky's Beauty. Wedding groups under 4 may be booked with our team and not specifically Niky.

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