Bridal Services

Bridal Preview $130  ($260 both hair and makeup)

Bridal Previews are amazing for figuring our your perfect bridal makeup and hairstyle. These are booked 3-5 months prior to your wedding date. We will go over the expectations and timing of the day during this service as well. 

Bridal Makeup $130
Includes a Bridal Makeup application, skin care prep before the makeup application to allow for the smoothest application. Natural or soft glam to suit each brides perfect needs. Includes false lashes, skin prep, optional body makeup.

South Asian Bridal Makeup $200
A customized full glam look. All features are enhanced and perfected detail. Includes complimentary  false lashes, skin prep, optional body makeup.

Please request bundle packages for multi-day events. Including but not limited to, bridal shower, rehearsal dinners, bachelorette, engagement ceremony, Sangeet Ceremony, Tilak/Sagan Ceremony, Mehendi Ceremony

Bridesmaids and Guests  $115
Soft Glam Makeup. Includes complimentary false lashes, eyelid tape (if required)

Mother Of $85

Very light and natural makeup that will compliment facial features perfectly. Nothing too heavy on the skin. This application has the option of complimentary natural false lashes

Junior Bridesmaids Soft Glam $80
Ages 9-13. 


Flower Girl complimentary
Includes a light eye makeup application and lipgloss. 8 years and under. 


Groom $50
Sweat proof skin care, priming, concealing and brow grooming. additional services are available if requested.

Hair Services: 

Hairstyling  for the corresponding client is the same as makeup pricing.

Installing Clip-in's Day Of: $45



Retainers to Confirm Your Request: In order to secure your booking, a signed contract and a 25% retainer is required.  We once we have the contract, we will send you an invoice preview + information packet. Then a square invoice with an option to pay through square.

Timing & Arrival: Bride - 1 hour and 15 minutes, all other services are 45 minutes. We tend to give a 30-45 minute grace period to allow for any unforeseen hiccups!  On your wedding day we will arrive 10-15 minutes prior to set up. Please have a clean well lit area for us to set up in. Please let us know if there is a bar height chair in your room before our arrival. 


Travel & Early Mornings: Complimentary travel within Calgary city limits.

Each Additional KM after 30km-  $0.50/km

Lake Louise- $160.00   

Canmore- $100.00

Banff - $120.00 

8 Hour Day- $50.00+

Early Morning & Extra Fees: Applicable before 7am from when artist leaves to travel to location. Starts at $100/hr. Example: A start time of 6am and a ready time of 1pm is $100 in addition to service costs and additional fees.

3 am or earlier - $250

4 am - $200

5 am - $150

6 am - $100

Assistance: There may be times where we need a few extra hands to complete a booking in time, for example if a group of 9 wants to be ready in 4 hours, we will hire on contractors to assist. This may come with an addition fee. We do offer group bookings, however for groups with 8+ services and ready times before 1PM, we may need to hire an additional artist to maximize time.  We do have a small group that  work under Niky's Beauty. Wedding groups under 4 may be booked with our team and not specifically Niky